About Marquis Badminton

Marquis Badminton was found in 2017 by the head coach Andre. Having an experience by coaching in Indonesia for several years, he sees opportunity to make a difference in Singapore Badminton.
Marquis badminton would like to share the things that we know to the young generation of Singapore, helping them to achieve what they might think impossible now.
Marquis Badminton will welcome student from all the ages, because we know that it's never too late to pursue you passion. "Fail is only for those who fail to overcome their doubt!"
  • Milo Cup 2009 1st runner up, Indonesia

  • Milo Cup 2008 Champion, Indonesia

  • Jurong badminton championship 2017, Singapore



Main Coach - Andre


As a head coach as well as the founder of Marquis Badminton Club, I have a great mission and vision for the future of badminton in Singapore.

  • 4 years of coaching experience. (Indonesia & Singapore

  • Head Coach of Marquis Badminton

  • Basic Sport Science, Sport Singapore

  • Coaching theory level 1, Sport Singapore

  • Pelita Jaya Club Coach, Indonesia (2 years)

Personalised Progress Card 

The coach will provide each and every trainee a personalised progression card, depending on the

1. expectation

2. goals

3. and skill of the student.

The coach will discuss the trainee progression every week and will make an evaluation every month to give the best feedback that the student can get.

Visual Vision Training (OPTIONAL)

Student will have an option to record the entire training session to know exactly the wrong movement that they need to fix.

With the coach help, student can actually realised what needs to be done and improve to help the student achieve their desired skill.