Terms' & Conditions

1. All the payment need to be collected at the beginning of the month.


2. Coach that can't teach on the date above must give prior notice of 16 days, and required to find a replacement coach, 

    otherwise the fee will be brought forward to the following month.


3. Student that wish to cancel the class, need to informed the coach 7 days prior to the date, and the fee will be brought 

    forward to the following month.

4. The Coach have the right to change the venue with a prior notice of 8 days.

5. The most students that can be train by 1 coach are 4 in one time.

6 . For emergency cases where student can't attend the class after the 7 days period, he / she must provide valid reason such as

     MC, photo, email, and etc.

Cancelation Policies

1. For group training, the fee will only be carried forward to the next month if there is an advance notice of at least 7 days or

    if a copy of a medical certificate is produced within the next 12 hours.

2. In case of last minutes emergency, it's necessary to gave us prove of the emergency. From then, we will advise the issue


3. To notify us regarding on your absence, please let your respected coach know. 

Payment Method